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Answering Questions we get asked alot!Questions

A web design agency will have a professional team web/graphic designer working on website UI such as themes, logos, color patterns, and any other brand object. Many software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, after-effects, Figma are the key ingredient to producing quality web design for businesses, welfare or an ecommerce store.

Following is simple process we use to follow, however, it can be changed as per the client requirements.

  • Define your objective regarding the website.
  • Plot the theme for your site. Using right colors, font type, etc. which reflects your product or service.
  • Use creative and instinctive design samples as per your requirements.
  • Sample submission and approval
  • Placing additional items including side navigation, CTRs, etc.
  • Making modifications as per feedback.
  • Making it available publically.
  • Enjoy your shiny new professional website.

It completely depends upon the nature of the website and requirements. If design and implementation are straightforward then probably 75 to 100 hours (8 to 10 business days) are enough for static 5 pages. The front end of the website would take almost 30–40 hours to complete. If it's more complex, then 50–75 hours each for design and development would be enough.

The 7 types of logos (and how to use them)

  • Overall Layout of the website and Visual appearance.
  • Color Scheme – Theme and combinations
  • Typography - Text and fonts
  • Navigation on the website – User friendly
  • Content – Copyright free
  • Mobile UI friendly

You can find best web Design Company on Google, the results can be according to your current location or city (or within your industry). Review websites portfolio, qualified staff, and quality of service they provide. Kreative Folks LTD. is one of the leading web design agency in St. Petersburg, Florida and other regions of US and around the globe. You can directly talk with our support team regarding your requirements.

Fundamentally, web design relates to both the graphics part and usability. On the other hand development take actual functioning of the website. It use coding, CSS, Dot-net, PHP, HTML, Javascript, and more programming languages.

Yes you can but you need experience and familiarity with relevant tools and techniques. There are lots of templates available to help you create a basic logo for free but experience and expertise are the key to use it as per your own requirements. However, you can also hire custom logo designing services if you don’t have a grip on graphic designing or don’t have time to do so.

Yes, we will buy a name of your website. You just need to share the name you want to purchase and will do it for you. The name of the website is called “Domain Name”.

Websites cost depends upon nature, size, features, and technicalities required to build of a website. Expect to pay $500 to create a website with a default website builder however you need to have good technical background and need to invest months to get the final product. On an average $500 to $5000 to build a site with a freelancer. Lastly but most importantly and conveniently you can hire a professional web design agency to do the complete task for you and they are charging somewhere less than freelancer but the quality is outstanding.

At Kreative Folks LTD., we provide you the best online branding solutions along with several other digital services. We’re 360-degree online branding and digital marketing agency that provides all solutions to its clients all over the world.


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